Our aim is to harvest your crops as efficiently as possible.

R&C Gribble has been in the professional contract harvesting business for over 35 years, with vast experience in harvesting all sorts of grains in varying field and crop conditions.

Our business is renowned for maximising efficiency and productivity, turning a stressful period into a very rewarding one.

R&C Gribble operates with up-to-date, first-class equipment, and the technology required to ensure your crop is harvested in a safe and efficient manner. Harvest rates are determined by many factors, including crop and field conditions.

If you are looking for an established, reliable contract harvester for your canola, barley, wheat, peas, rice, soybeans, or whatever it is that you grow, give Rod at R&C Gribble a call.

Concave & Separation Modules

#RC modules have been developed to make a flagship Case thrash properly to greatly reduce rotor loss, sieve loss & high returns. Bisalloy frames, stainless steel boxes, 4140 round bar. With over 50 sets working in all cropping areas of Australia, users have commented just how affective they are in way more crops than I expected. “Installed them & just take them out for all crops that I harvest” 

RC Thresh Concaves

$4,850 + GST

Once you’ve measured & setup your machine correctly to OEM specifications, the “level & centre” of the module frame is so important in these machines. All sieves must be checked for even opening from front to back & side to side. Then calibrated. Pre-sieve is very important to be calibrated. Top Sieve Rear Curtains are a must fit.

RC Thresh concaves & RC Separation modules, along with the aforementioned, will greatly improve your flagship Case in capacity & efficiency.

RC Separation modules

$3,540+GST (all new frames 2LH & 2 RH)

“Amazing difference these separation modules make to my machine”

“All but eliminated rotor loss”

Top Sieve Rear Curtains

$175 + GST + Freight

Top Sieve Rear Curtains fit under the rear section of the top sieve – off finger grate mountings – & hang forward. This makes air go through the sieves instead of finding the easiest path out the machine – usually between the top & bottom sieve – then out through the finger grate.

Sample & overall sieve capacity is markedly improved.

Call for more info & pricing.


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